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The Plough was taken over on the 30th November 2018 and the refurb began.

Phase 1 of the refurb was the kitchen remodel. The partition walls came crumbling down to open up the new restaurant area. Sander after sander, paint pot after paint pot to try and restore the old wooden beams that keeps The Ploughs character alive. Carpets being lifted and the wooden flooring was being laid into the early hours of the morning and finally the furniture could come back through the doors.

Christmas and New Year’s was upon us and phase 2 was on hold (thank god).

2nd January and phase 2 was in full swing. Carpets were pulled up, sanding and painting travelled through the bar, fireplace was bricked up, toilet refurb had commenced and furnishings for the completion were being chosen. Regular customers still rolling through the doors despite the chaos to the warm welcome of the staff and the famous saying being ‘A pint with a dash of dust’.

Phase 2 was complete and Phase 3 began. By the 13th January the new bar was finally in, shelves and beams on the old brick feature wall. It was time to remove the old bar. Skip after skip of The Plough’s old furnishings. After being scrubbed from top to bottom the floor was ready to be laid. Behind the scenes builders were working day and night were preparing for the construction of the extension.

Phase 4 of the refurb commenced after the extension was built. More sanding, more painting, more flooring and more furnishing. New turf was being laid, the patio for the front and rear garden was put down and bifold doors were in.

The second week in April the extension boards come down and refurb was complete. This takes us to where we are today and we would like to thank the local community and tradesmen for all of their support and help throughout the refurbishment.

We are proud of our hard work!

Few photos from the refurbishment

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